Tuesday, June 5, 2012

EPIC room rearrangement - then we moved it all back

What are you going to do? We should have suspected. Gordon was competing with his own design - I think his very best design for us. Gordon thought we could get a fresh look while eliminating the messy buildup and without spending a dime.

On Saturday we made the plan, on Sunday we made the moves.

JoAnn, Gordon, our 6'2 mid-twenties son, his strong bud Spencer, and I went at it all afternoon. We had a really good attitude and we needed it. That stuff is heavy.

Spot the messy buildup?

This is not a "home-office." It's an office-office in our home. Over the years we'd bought real office furniture, private brand stuff by Steel-Case. In 2005 Gordon turned it into a spectacular looking space that was spectacularly efficient.

We call it the Green Room. The walls are covered in grasscloth painted dark green. It has a modest tray ceiling that takes it up to about 9 feet.

It's a special room meant to impress guests as they enter the house. It's has 6"2 windows on 3 sides with French doors to the foyer, designed and built by Bill Harrison in 1988-89.

The time lapse starts about midway through. We're getting a little tired.

Green Room Redo Time Lapse (1:07) Thanks to Duet for Theremin and Laps Steel for the music.

We moved everything back where it was, less the clutter.

That was Sunday.

Today we bought a big carpet remnant from Carpet Liquidators' Chamblee store. But that's for another room, installation this Wednesday.


  1. Looks like hard work...show the carpet!

  2. We all fight the clutter battle! I look back at pictures of when we moved in a year and a half ago and the rooms were very lightly furnished as I had not unpacked everything. I liked the look better than the current full look. Am weeding out for a yard sale. Next month am taking some of the antique collectibles to a store to see if she will sell them for me. Let's hope I can make some progress.

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