Friday, June 15, 2012

Architecture attracts - Erin and Craig's wedding at the Old 4th Ward Park

Erin and Craig got married last Saturday in the Historic Fourth Ward Park. Is there a more delightful event than a wedding? A better venue than Atlanta's newest park?

We held our breath but Erin neither wavered nor stumbled on her way down. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

We arrived early but we weren't the first.

We'd known Erin since our kids were in kindergarten so there were friends galore.

Our crew dressed formally and informally. We started out a bit stiff, as if it was an indoor wedding.

But the atmosphere was so comfortable that we loosened right up and started greeting and hugging friends.

It may surprise you that this part of the park is a retention pond at the headwaters of Clear Creek. When it's not managing runoff, it welcomes brides, grooms, guests and passersby.

Nicest retention pond I've ever seen and not a frown in sight.

Molly in boots, Craig in the suit, and the preacher in the robe awaited the big moment.

By this time everyone was smiling.

Erin would start her march way up at the top of those stairs.

In the meantime we enjoyed friends and festive dress.

It was time and Craig was ready. All the married men had been in his shoes.
"Marriage is a duel to the death that no man of honor should refuse" - G.K. Chesterton.

Here came the bride.

As the bona fide officiating began, families felt uncannily close.

It's irresistible at weddings: For a moment we felt a bond with the other families too.

Molly Rose Reed sang. The obligatory PA problems made it a bit sweeter and more personal. Not everything has to be amplified.

Erin and Craig joined the club, said their vows in public, and we were happy about it.

It was over just before dusk. The light turned magic. The formality was over. The park got cozy. The party began. Conversations crossed generations.

Our crew was feeling mighty good as we headed for the food.

And what's a wedding without dorky photo-booth pictures?

Congratulations Erin and Craig, you have our love and best wishes.


  1. You did 'em proud, Terry. A good set of photos of what clearly was a happy occasion. I've never heard of the Old Fourth Ward park - is it new?

    1. The Old 4th Ward is old, from another era, due east of downtown, surrounding the MLK district to Ponce, North Decatur, and the Beltline. The Park is on the Beltline south of North Ave.

  2. Even 2nd hand their love is a joy to behold.


    XO T

  3. Right out of a fairy tale...great story telling, Terry...I'm sure they'll revisit this post many, many times over the years. What a great gift to give them!


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