Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stained Glass in a 1912'er on Ponce

The house was recently redone, immaculate, fresh, and staged - beautiful. But it was this single stained glass window seemed most alive to me.

This etching in the middle panel caught my eye. See the lush Atlanta foliage is the background?

On Tuesdays I try to see a caravan house if one is on my errand route. This one is at 1965 Ponce De Leon. Note to Atlantans: It's up the hill on the south side of Ponce just west of East Lake.

Does this happen to you? I get so overwhelmed sometimes that my brain goes on macro mode, focusing on a single detail.

Was it there in 1912? Is the window from 1912? Is this in a particular style, a particular studio? Did it come out of a catalog? Was there always a fan light? Was the fan originally stained glass?

In any case it makes the stair special.

I didn't look at the details until I got home.

The more I look, the more I like.



  1. Absolutely intriguing! I rarely go into "macro mode", as you called it...focusing intently on a single subject, but have several friends who do. I'm sometimes very envious that they have the ability to totally disconnect from everything else and be "with" that single detail for a seemingly eternity. Great photography, Terry!

  2. For me it's defense for when I'm overwhelmed.

  3. I just LOVE stained glass. I've always wanted to aquire one for myself. My Aunt has one hanging inside of her bay window and I absolutely adore it! Great pictures. :)


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