Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grant Street at Milledge peeking into windows in Grant Park.

Begun in 1882 the Grant Park neighborhood is old for Atlanta. It's is a prime source for architecture tourist entertainment.

Grant Street has pretty much everything you'd want to see in Grant Park so I cruise it when I'm in the neighborhood.

In February, they took a big window out of this one at the corner of Milledge. You've guessed that this isn't an authentic 100 year old Victorian.

But I like "lived-in eclecticism" a bit more than the "frozen in time" look.

Does authentic mean "as built" or "as lived?" Both, I guess.

The is BIG.

I Photoshopped so we could see inside. The room is as tall as the windows, wow.

Prepare for a sruprise as you drive a bit further. You'll discover that this is an addition to a 100 year old house.

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This is the sort thing that makes Grant Park endlessly entertaining to me.

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