Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4 of my favorites

I like 'em like this. I'll bet you have your favorites too.

When I'm in East Lake or Decatur or Peachtree Heights or Peachtree Battle, I'll drive by if I can.

They delight me every time. What is it about them?

I've only been inside this one.

This is the drive-by view. I'd call it a vernacular; they call it low country planter style, what do I know?

It looks like it belongs. It could be 150 years old. But it isn't.

It's actually 156 years old.

Here is another:

It could be 100 years old but it's 120.

It's irresistible to me. I drive by twice a week and I don't have to go out of my way.

Porches, gables, not too big, gravel, close to the ground...

Here's another, hard to see, it's always a zen view.

I've driven by 100's of time but only "looked" at it in the last 6 months.

It's a low-rise rambler with gravel and hints of Greek Revival, only 81 years old.

Here is the 4th one.

It's another "woody" with shutters. Property records say it's 129 years old, built in 1883. It's unlike any of it's neighbors. But it's like the ones I like.

A low-rise rambler with just one gable but no gravel, it still passes my test.

Are there any like these your neck of the woods? I'd sure enjoy seeing them.



  1. Yep, I like 'em like that, too. You picked 4 very Pretty Old Houses.

  2. It seems to me what you're seeing and liking is an older America - one where the macmansion had not taken over pretty neighborhoods.

  3. Historical Concepts still design like this. New ones like these would look out of place in most Atlanta neighborhoods where French, Italian, Tudor, and the like are perfectly normal.

  4. I too like so much, all of these houses! Friendly, classic and lots of character!
    I have never been to Atlanta but follow a number of blogs showing so many varied homes and neighborhoods in Atlanta. I am in awe and one day will visit,

  5. It's easy to spend a lifetime in Atlanta and never see these. I'm trying to see them all.


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