Sunday, May 20, 2012

Birthday, textile mills, Astolfi, coffee, whitespace, Emily Amy, Seth Thompson

Pretty good week! Far more happening than I can keep up with. And as usual not a single profound thought crossed my brain. I did have a birthday and haircut, "So I got that goin' for me, which is nice." - Carl

That was Wednesday.

This is just the sort of thing that I do on my birthday. Notice the curly "do?" Why didn't the loved ones tell me?

Thanks to guests (and honorary family members) Michelle and Nina

You had to be present to win. We didn't save any for you; I think we even licked the candles.

Thursday was haircut and textile mill, and gallery day.

As a product of a Piedmont mill town, High Point, I'm excited that folks are interested in my heritage. This was part of the Georgia Trust's 2012 Preservation Month Lecture Series.

Thanks to Dr. Keith S. Hebert, Andy Carter, Keri Adams, Dr. Ann McCleary from the University of West Georgia's Center for Public History.

Ever been to Rhodes Hall? I've fallen in love with it. Now is the time. Join me:
Thursday, May 24, 6:30 p.m. What Georgia’s Classical Architects Taught us about Renovation
Thursday, May 31, 6:30 p.m. Georgia Historic Preservation Handbook – A who, what, where and why of preservation in Georgia

I rushed from the Georgia Trust to Astolfi Art. They moved 100 yards and threw a party.

The moved across from Yeah Burger, next door to {Poem88} gallery. That's a large work by Kevin Archer.

You can do a gallery drive by.

Tracy Sharp shows there.

I'm not an early riser but I headed to the Grant Park Octane on Friday morning.

I joined a monthly Atlanta "LikeMind" discussion. It was my first time and hey - free coffee!

The idea is to chat it up on the way to work once a month.

Brandon Barr is the co-host (with Chris Wojda) who buys the coffee, writer photographer, Maigh Houlihan, everywhere guy Carl Black and I were left after everyone else went to work. What a pleasure.

Friday night was gallery reception overload. I went to Emily Amy and whitespace.

This show - by Bernd Haussmann - was one of my "favoritist" ever at Emily Amy. The longer I stayed, the more I enjoyed the painting.

My camera didn't capture it.You'll have to go.

This is Bernd. He helped everyone else have fun.

And there was some us-serious cutting up. Bernd would not let them pose. Recognize 3 of Atlanta's young cultural V.I.P's?

I headed to whitespace gallery.

Teresa Cole, Professor and Chair, Printmaking at Tulane, opened "Between Origin and Present."

Teresa hung a cloud of prints each backed by a sari.

You could get lost in there.

Extraordinary prints.

On Saturday I went to Seth Thompson's MFA thesis show.

Seth's reception was in Solomon Projects space.

He came in peace.

His work was of the highest quality, museum quality. Seth said they were expensive to produce but fun. Stands to reason, he's Curatorial Assistant, Modern and Contemporary Art at High Museum Of Art

Folks dressed up.

What a week.


  1. Thank you for sharing this event. I enjoy viewing art shows and seeing the people meandering through the show, is a nice touch over just viewing the art alone. I am your newest follower. Please accept my warm and humble invitation to visit and hopefully to follow me, too. Connie :)

  2. Looks like a lovely way to spend you birthday week. May you enjoy many more.

    1. Will run into you again soon I hope but I need a nap.

  3. Happy belated birthday, Mr. T!
    I went to Bernd H's artist's talk on Saturday- agreed his work is lovely. Thanks for a great rundown.


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