Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This is a goner. Teardown week.

I wish they'd call me before they team them down.

I should have known. This house on Beverly hadn't looked it best in quite a while.

It's history now.

It's a big lot for the area with a big slope.

The house next door is handsome but it was at risk during the boom. It may still be at risk. This neighborhood is hot even in the bust.

I hope we get a good one. I'll let you know


  1. The street we lived on for few years and in our time the pleasant, small 50s-style houses began to be torn down, as they were also in the neighborhood behind, Sherwood Forest, and quite monstrously ugly houses replaced them. I gave up driving Beverly, so ugly had it become.

  2. I like the older house, the white corner house with the pink/orange chairs and I enjoy the "modern" brick house too - is it gentle international? - I don't know but it's handsome and dignified.

  3. I really like how the bluish-grey painted house you included was remodeled. It's a good example of how you can improve on your common rancher without doing anything drastic.
    Also, I think I know which modern brick house you're talking about - the little white one right - http://bit.ly/reUATV ?

  4. JonC, that's the one. Very fine and always a pleasure to drive-by.

  5. It's amazing how easy it is to demolish a house. I am sure the past owners spent a lot of time, money and hard work to keep the house looking nice and when it all said and done it will take 10 hours to disappear.

  6. I love the gray house pictured last in your post. It has been interesting to see it with different colors on the front door -- quite a few various hues look great with the gray. And if we're all talking about the same Modern white brick -- yes, very cool. Beverly still has several charmers, like the vaguely low-country white house.

  7. PS

    I'm thinking of the boxy white brick with black casement windows -- I believe casement. Maybe 1940s?

  8. Yeah Beverly has the most traffic and no curves, and some houses I've always liked. I particularly like nice modest houses which are most vulnerable. Sometime they are modest on the front-side and hide their size.


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