Monday, August 22, 2011

2011-08-11 Lucha Rodriquez at Swan Coach House Gallery

Is there a more charming gallery than Swan Coach House Gallery? A more charming artist than Lucha Rodrequez?

Does Lucha paint, collage or sculpt?

Her work attracted the attention of The Forward Arts Foundation. Lucha won their 2010-11 Emerging Artist Award. She received a $10,000 grant and a solo show at the Swan Coach House Gallery.

Lucky us: Her show opened on August 11 and runs though September 24.

You can meet Lucha at her artist's talk on Saturday, September 10 at 11am. It's so easy to visit the gallery. It's open Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.

You'll want to meet her. She always dresses for her events.

Lucha may have invented a certain pink.

Lucha Rodriquez has worked her way through Atlanta galleries: Kibbee Gallery, Kai Lin Art, Beep Beep Gallery and more. She's shown in France and in Hong Kong. Swan Coach house represents her first solo show. Lucky us.

I was moved by her Coach House show.

Her cut paper lattices throw pink, gray, and chartreuse shadows. Colors spill, explode, and beam out yet remain in a warm embrace.


The Swan Coach House is a small classical building in a garden.

There are comfortable places inside and out.

The foyer features art and teases with Zen views. The small, perfectly proportioned, perfectly lit main room feels big and cozy.

It's an elegant space that makes art look good and people feel good. This would be a good room to measure.

Have a look.

I just blogged Lucha's Four Coats mural for Beep Beep Gallery at 573 Juniper St NE in Midtown. Lucha was kind enough to pose with me. Perhaps one day a grandchild will brag that grandpa knew Lucha Rodriquez.


The gallery is showing a few works by the Forward Arts foundation finalists.


You can't miss Meg Aubrey's sporty soccer mom. "Balancing Act" oil on canvas, 46"x30"


  1. You know, I've been to the Swan House on numerous occasions, but never the Swan Coach House and I didn't even know they had a gallery. Thanks for the incentive to make it over there!

  2. It's a great space for people and for art.

  3. Ooo, these I want to see in person.

    I stumbled upon Meg Aubrey's work in the last year and was seriously haunted. She evokes perfectly that pit feeling of suburbia.

    Don't you love women artists? :)

  4. I have read about Meg Aubrey's art and a lot of
    people are saying something good about her. If you were to look at some of her works, it really conveys a message.

    :-) jane

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