Friday, August 19, 2011

Gold Pink Blue Beaux-Arts at Druid Hills Baptist

Is there anything like this anywhere else in Atlanta? Thanks to Jim Wright, Mimi and Graham Walker for giving us a look inside this extraordinary place, Druid Hills Baptist Church.

If you've ever driven Ponce de Leon - and who hasn't - this stands at the Ponce's highest point on one of Atlanta's great corners. It's a breathtaking, blonde brick, beaux-art beauty.

I'm a major bore about this: It's more fun living here when we learn more about the people and great places in our own backyard. In that spirit I approached Jim Wright at the church and gathered a group of architecture tourists.

Atlanta contractor, preservationist, writer, Wright Marshall wrote this about the church:
"Edward Bennett Dougherty and Arthur Neal Robinson are two architects that have largely been forgotten in their native city...the two men designed one of Atlanta’s most impressive landmarks: the First Church of Christ, Scientist. Both men would design later churches that are similar to this Peachtree landmark...The Druid Hills Baptist Church (Dedicated July 1928) was designed by Dougherty and has many similarities. In 1923 Robinson designed the Second Church of Christ, Scientist in Cincinnati that also resembles the earlier Atlanta church."
P1010430-2010-03-08-top-Druid-Hills-Baptist-bottom 1st-Christ-Scientist
Both are unforgettable. Top: Druid Hills Baptist, bottom: First Church of Christ, Scientist.

So where is all this gold, pink and blue?

Up there.

Up there.

Up there.


The main level is rusticated, it's fancy around the horseshoe balcony.

See what I mean: plain below, fancy above.


A church discussion covers a lot of ground and a lot of Atlanta history.

This was just one room in this huge church. We slipped out to the portico.


It's at the highest point on Ponce so there is a good view.

How many times have I driven by without looking closely?


I've only scratched the surface of this huge church.

Thanks to our hosts, Jim, Mimi, Graham, and all of the Druid Hills Baptist community. Thanks to fellow tourists Warren Williams, Bobby Mays, Syd Janney, Don Janney, Eileen Drennen, Terry Stevick, Emily Wert, Bill Barber, and Wright Marshal - the more eyes we have the more we can see. I hope we can do it again soon.



Read Wright Marshall on Clem Ford in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.

They continued steadfastly : a history of Druid Hills Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia by Harry Shaw, Jeanne Osborne Shaw, Ga.) Druid Hills Baptist Church (Atlanta)


  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm glad I got a chance to see the details of this architecture. And you're right, I've passed this church many times without taking as close of a look as it deserves. I was just saying to my wife this weekend that I wish there was a tour specifically of the grand intown churches. There are a couple downtown that I'd love to get a closer look at.

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