Friday, August 26, 2011

Mac earns another medal, my bloggong partner for 10 years.

This week Mac was awarded a Pride of Australia Medal. You can read all about here.

This is McKenzie J. Gregory, Melbourne Australia. He's 89, a WW2 veteran, retired from the Royal Australian Navy, aide-de-camp to several Australian prime ministers. Now a naval historian Mac honors the sacrifices of Australia's naval forces mostly though his blog.

We met by chance on the web. We've been blogging together for 10 years on Ahoy - Mac's Web Log. Mac writes; I put it on the web. We've published more than a million words. It's been my privilege and honor.

We've never met though we've talked on the phone a couple times. None-the-less I regard him as family.

So I'm delighted that Mac is now on Youtube accepting and commenting on the award.

Congratulation Mac!


  1. Wow, Terry, a whole new side I've never known about you. I will play the video post haste, I think it is fab how you lend a hand as you do, you are the best. Now - on to learn about your wonderful friend.

  2. I just viewed the video and perused his extensive site, good heavens what a lot of information and work has gone into this beautiful man's blog! Kudos to you for your assistance~ I think it is such an important site, historically, and helping others. I wish to go back and read a lot more on his life.

  3. Further proof that friends and family come in many different forms. Thanks for remind us of that, Terry, and congratulations to Mr. Gregory.


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