Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jon Ciliberto Watercolors Soccer Dads at SWITCH Modern

Wes Stone and I were trying to figure why we recognized each other. We were at SWITCH Modern's Spotlight on Design with John Howard -Howard Design Studio - Landscape Architecture - on October 27. (Here are the pictures in case you missed it.)

Here is John Howard in designer black with glasses.

So Wes was asking, "Are you an architect? A builder? Druid Hills? Paideia? Where you do live?" We finally nailed it: His Dana and my Katherine had been playing soccer with and against each other forever. This is a bigger coincidence that you might think. I'd expect a few soccer moms at a design event but not many soccer dads. So there you go.

As we talked we could see Jon Ciliberto out of the corner of our eye. He seemed to be sketching us. We went over to have a look and introduce ourselves. He was just finishing up.

He showed us his little kit.

Here we are, immortalized, Wes in jeans, me in khakis.

Here is closeup of Jon's pocket sized studio.

Jon, thanks so much.

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