Sunday, November 28, 2010

gloATL's Magic "Hinterland" in Downtown Atlanta

Big crowds enjoyed glo Atl's one time performance of "Hinterland" last night in downtown Atlanta. We shared visions like this at the fountain wall at Woodruff Park.

Sound, lights, Big Boi, acrobats, trick cyclists, 40 dancers from glo Atlanta. Bigger crowds that anyone expected. Not instantly grokked. I'm sure the crowds discouraged many. Some left early on. It was hard to see, unpredictable, We never knew where things would happen next.

Dancers appeared out of nowhere in the middle of big crowds.

Big Boi, in his red coat, performed on the ground, in the air, and on the fountain wall.

When performances moved to the fountain, magic happened. Ethereal music led folks to the fountain's wall, a natural stage where we could see. The grim wall came to life.

This short video of the electric skirt gives a sense of the ambiance. This tiny figure mesmerized me in the giant downtown space.

Drummers and acrobats led a parade to Centennial Park. Downtown looked darn good.


This video is about a minute long. To the tune of "Sigur Ros - Ba Ba" It helps me remember.

See the review: "Hinterland Review: Big Boi, gloATL, giant crowds and an exuberant spectacle in downtown Atlanta" to which I say, "What they said...."

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