Monday, November 15, 2010

Brunch at the Lunching Pad - Kitsch, Function, Sense of Place, People

There are plenty of nice folks in Atlanta who don't like The Varsity. We pray for them.

Even "V" haters sometimes find themselves there humoring the children, grandchildren or out of town guests. The Architecture Tourist dining advisory board recommends: Get an FO and enjoy this remarkable building.

The daughters asked me to drop them off for the Georgia Tech - Miami game last Saturday. We decided on a nice brunch with 1000's of our best foodie friends.

We ate in the Lunching Pad, one of THE BEST DINING ROOMS IN THE CITY. After you get your dogs, head north up the stairs to the Lunching Pad, then left. Try to get a booth on the eastern wall of windows overlooking the downtown connector.

Enjoy the view from this amazing room: Georgia Tech, the Tech Tower, Bobby Dodd Stadium, Downtown Atlanta skyline, the SONO skyline, Tehnology Square, the Midtown skyline, all while enjoying fresh, hot, inexpensive comfort food.

The lunching pad is this way and up the stairs.

We're still bummed that the Varsity Junior closed.

But the Big V has it's compensations.

If you eat a chilli dog, and a chilli & pimento cheese steak all the way with rings at 10:30 a.m., you just don't need to eat again that day, but we're professionals.


  1. We ALWAYS eat in that room- against the windows so we can see the Tech tower!

  2. In my early days at the V a PC meant "plain chocolate" milk, that is no ice. Otherwise the chocolate milk was on ice, like coke. Now they give you a box.


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