Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving: The Pictures and Video

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you don't mind if we share a little of ours with you.

We had 12 family and 6 guests. Our big room did the job yet again. We moved furniture, brought in 2 more tables, and chairs from everywhere. We had room for more. Mark your calendar.

We honor the folks who brought food.

Grandpa and Grandma and Deb and Dave: 3 pies, deviled eggs and more.

Camden with rhubarb pie and festive turkey ornament thing.

Syd with asparagus casserole.

Don with dressing.

Ryun brought the football and banana bread.

Nick brought the tamales.

We opened the buffet. (32 seconds)

And it got quiet for just a few minutes as we sat down. (14 seconds)

Zella won the Architecture Tourist Prize for "Least Likely to Bloat."

Don won the Archtiecture Tourist prize for "Best Green Balance." It was a pretty plate I tell ya'.

I'll announce all the plating awards in another post.

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  1. There is nothing like a meal with family and friends to make a person feel like all is well with the world!


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