Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shutze house is "Full of Stars"

Star window, shutter dogs, pineapple, copper roof, beads, Greek key, curved door: The more I look the more I enjoy Philip T. Shutze.

I'd don't have any interior photos but I'll make one comment: I felt great inside and I understood the floorplan; it made perfect sense to me.

It's for sale, kind of expensive.
"The Thornton- Jones House (1936) on West Paces Ferry Road Shutze’s inspiration for this home was from the late 18th and 19th century English and American neoclassical forms which he updated with his own personal interpretation. The front of the house was designed in the English Regency style and the rear is in the American Federal style."
West Paces Ferry Road is so impressive it's hard to notice this house at 35 mph. It just seems to fit on the large lot. It's beautiful but quiet, relatively modest, not overwhelming.

It's on a corner lot, the driveway on the left. Walking up reveals bigness. How many cars will the courtyard hold?

I didn't notice the stars at all until I saw my first one in the gravel. That's a big star!

From the gravel we head to the front door to see the next star and we begin to notice details. I think Shutze's front entrances are his trademark. They are very grand yet scaled to make humans feel important. Looking closer we see that the screen door is curved, the main door is curved, the windows, even the window glass is curved. Check the window trim on the first floor "6 over 9" windows. High style runs very deep.

More star motif.

Even little porches get the Shutze treatment with square corner columns, ionic capitals, crisp brackets some of them in pairs.

Here is a high style screened porch.

By the time we see all this I'm close to overload. This house, very quiet from streetside is loaded and as I moved about, discover that it's big. Great proportions though.

From the street you can't see the gable ends, the curved parapets, the stepped parapets, the double chimneys, or the breathtaking niches with beads.

May I mention the beaded niches yet again?

There is a new wing. Not everyone liked it. Certainly the main house is a hard act to follow. But the exteriors of the addition were very good, echoing, complimenting, and framing the old part and enclosing the garden.

This is the front side the addition, the laundry is above the garage door. This is nice.

The side street view of the addition doesn't screem but it has reminders of the main house: eyebrows with vertical mullions, 6 over 9 windows, quoins, "x" windows, and shutters. The the almost curved projection reminds me of the main entrance.

The inside face of the wing, it's porches and windows have a great view. I like this one through the new wing's arches. Above me is the col0nnaded porch for the master bedroom.

More later.


  1. Terry,the star motif is wonderful! Love the home and property! I am going to check on your Jackson Pollock Pickets!

    Art by Karena

  2. Love the attention to detail!! Terry - go look at my post today - you get to see inside the Brad Heppner house that Holly featured earlier this week.

  3. Egads! Oh, to win the lottery!! Perfect details!

    I'm wondering what significance the star motifs had for Shutze or was it requested by clients?

  4. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  5. What a stunner! You know, I always love painted white brick and shiny black accents, especially when they sit on a bright green lawn. It's a classic, graphic combination that never fails to pack a wallop. However, it is the details that send this house over the edge. I have never seen stars like that. Almost wonder if the original owner was from Texas....

  6. That house is a REAL beauty! Love the detail work, the proportion and scale and the balance. A lovely outcome, indeed. What a wonderful environment in which to live. Thanks for sharing it with us Terry!

  7. I took my 10 year old daughter on the tour - trying to educate her eye a bit and introduce her to the amazing architecture that Atlanta has to offer. She was immediately riveted by the stars in this house, on the driveway and the door.

    I love a good repeated element in a house.

    My daughter's favorite house was the Neel Reid. I think she liked the friendly golden retriever who greeted us, and she commented that it seemed like people actually lived there.

  8. TTI, I'm going to get to the the Neel Reid. I do love it but couldn't manage living there, that deflates some of my interest.

    The 3 houses with dogs were the warmest to me. I like signs of habitation. Cleaned, spiffed up, fluffed, and arranged - OK. But I prefer empty to staged. If I was house hunting, I'd hunt with a designer or architect.

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