Saturday, April 17, 2010

We want to live in this playhouse

I teased you a bit last week with half a picture from Buckhead in Bloom tour 2010. How could an entrance be any better than this? I can't show you; but what's inside feels just as good.

It's a smallish house, up a hill, in the woods. This is the backside, the angle encloses a little patio. I hope you can imagine those big beautiful windows from the inside and the French doors open for a party.


If you click here, you'll get a nearly full screen view.

The street-side view doesn't reveal it's secrets. I had no idea.

This was built as playhouse for one of the great Buckhead estates.

We'd be happy to live in this playhouse, the smallest house on the tour.



  1. One of the docents at the Shutze house made sure to tell us about this house; it is almost as if they were afraid people would not want to see it because it is the smallest house on the tour.

    I appreciated it, but I thought it seemed to small for my personal taste. It was a great addition to the tour, though.

    It was a surprise to see Cherokee Town Club over the wall - the great estate that you mentioned is now Cherokee.

  2. The playhouse might not have suited us in our maximum 3-wild-kids-era. Imagine a basketball down the driveway.

  3. But in my empty-nest-hood little houses seem more practical and manageable. So for the price of the other Bloom houses I'll take this one and have my kids' families over for frequent dinners. And another this size (with a little guest house) at St. Simons or Tybee.

  4. Wow, what a cheerful little house! I think the color is spot on and the entry area is very quaint and fitting. Atlanta architecture is wonderful and I just want to say thank you for posting such gems.

  5. It may be small, but it is so charming. I can see why you would want to live there. Steve and I were just discussing that we would live in a small loft if it was just the two of us.


  6. I'm with you, Terry. My husband and I are close to being empty-nesters and our once, just-the right-size home is now more than we need.


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