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2010 Shutze Award Winners for "Excellence in Traditional Design"

(New: See Calder Loth's notes about the award winners.)

Here he is: Philip Trammell Shutze ca. 1917 in architect heaven, overlooking Trajan's Column with pencils, sketchbooks, and no doubt a measuring tape. In his day every architect studied classical architecture. Most don't study classics today but they still go to Rome.

If you can't draw it pretty, you can't build it pretty. This is Shutze's full sized rendering of a column for the Swan House. It's on The house and the drawing are on display at the Atlanta History Center, the venue for the awards presentation.

The same hand produced this, a charming proposal for his own un-built house.

In his long, productive career, Mr. Shutze was a match for anyone in his field. He attracted clients who sprinkled Atlanta with remarkable homes, apartments, schools, churches and commercial buildings. It's only fitting that Southeast Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America named these awards in his honor "...to recognize the excellence of artisans and designers... about the enduring excellence, appeal and importance of traditional design."
Enough of that. It's February 20, 2009, time for the Shutze Awards. Let's start the reception. It's a room filled with talent and design lovers.

Last year I went on the recommendation of Holly from Things That Inspire, for which I remain grateful. This year Holly and I decided to take the awards by storm. That's Mr. TTI on the left, TTI in the middle, me, Terry, on the right.

I never expected to have roof tile epiphany while eating jalipina biscuits. Then I met Rob Wehr from Ludowici Roof Tile. Rob turned me into a raving roof tile fanatic and we know where THAT can lead. Thanks Rob.

After an hour of fantastic BBQ, corn chowder, and crab cakes on a stick we gathered in the auditorium. Not a natural environment for architects, designers, or builders.

The Bahamas / South Florida contingent from De La Guardia Victoria Architects sat a couple of rows back. They were 2009 winners.

Graham Davidson from Hartman-Cox Architects in DC sat right behind me. Hartman-Cox won multiple Shutze Awards in 2009.

Elizabeth Meredith Dowling, PhD, president of the southeast ICA & CA, author, and professor at the Georgia Tech College of Architecture introduced the program. She wrote THE book about Shutze."

Clay Rokicki, president, Young ICA & CA, Nortre Dame grad and intern at Historical Concepts, introduced the jury.

The jury, left: Michael G, Imber modern classical architect based in Texas (that's southern right), right Paul Whalen, partner at A.M. Stern Architects.

The final juror also served as master of ceremonies: Calder Loth, author, curator, retired Senior Architectural Historian of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, serves on University of Virginia's historic preservation advisory committee.

Mr. Loth was a gifted MC who presented the awards with wit and wisdom. He's a fellow traveler with the audience. We love this stuff.

I hope he'll pardon the paraphrase: "WE WANT TO PARTY AT THOSE PLACES." There is a bit of video below so you can listen to Mr. Loth's wonderful Virginia accent.

Finally the winners. If you see any of these folks in your neighborhood things are looking up. You can click the pictures to make them a bit bigger. You'll have to wait for the the professional pictures for the glamor.

Landscape/Garden Design Adaptation of Historic Landscape
Wye Hall
Jay Graham
Graham Landscape Architecture

Landscape/Garden Design
Country Estate
Alec Michaelides
Land Plus Associates

Goddard Memorial Chapel
Suzanne M Begin for
Henry W. Grady Health System Foundation

Rick Spitzmiller
Spitzmiller and Norris

Folly's Cove
Wouter Boer representing
David Jones Architects

Caliza Pool
Erik Vogt
Alys Beach

Caliza Pool
Alys Beach

Urban Design
Vision of Marion Square Charleston
Anne Fairfax
Fairfax, Sammons & Partner

Peg Moore
Committee to Save the City

Residential - Multi-family
The Kennedy Warren South Wing
Addition & Renovation
Graham Davidson Hartman-CoxArchitects

Residential - Small Single Family

French Provincial
D. Stanley Dixon

House photo by Things That Inspire who says the picture is not worthy of the house.

Residential - 4000 sf - 10,000 sf
Maria de la Guardia
de-la-Guardia Victoria Architects & Urbanists, Inc

Residential - over 10,000 sf
Ann Fairfax
Fairfax, Sammons & Partners

Residential - over 10,000 sf
Georgian Manor
Wouter Boer representing
David Jones Architect

Emerging Classicist
Paul Knight
Intern at Historical Concepts, Savannah College of Art and Design
Georgia Institute of Technology

Paul Gunther, President of the ICA & CA closed the pretension.

And another party broke out.

I went back to have another look at the renderings before I went home.

Calder Loth introduces "large houses"

Here are my Shutze posts, if want to see more of his work.

Thanks and see you next year.
terry @ surf303.com

P.S. It's pronounced Shut-Zee
Shut as in "SHUT the door"
Zee as in "SEA" but with a Z

P.P.S I recommend American Classicist: The Architecture of Philip Trammell Shutze by Elizabeth Meredith Dowling, Rizzoli 1989.

P.P.P.S. Here are all the pictures include a few that aren't in the post above.


  1. It was a fun night! Next year, I will arrive earlier for the cocktail hour. I didn't know there would be food, so Mr. TTI and I went out to dinner before we arrived.

    I liked the comment that Mr. Loth made about Stan Dixon's house - not so much French Provincial, but small chateau in the vein of 'PetiteTrianon'. Something like that.

  2. TTI, I hope we'll get Mr. Loth's comments about the winners when the ICA&CA published the results. Stan's place is more estate house than farm house.

  3. Looks like it was a good time. Thanks for the photo review of the event.

  4. James, next year plan on being in the picture with TTI and me. (P.S. I was wearing my clean $40 Dockers.)

  5. Terry, for some odd reason I was greatly moved by the first b/w image of P. Shutze. It just spoke volumes to me. (my eyes actually watered a bit) I dunno, such dedication, such passion, such hope, dedication and hard work realized in gift and joy for so many for decades. If only we all could leave such a mark. Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed learning more about the others as well.

  6. "If you can't draw it pretty you can't build it pretty" really resonates. Our architect, Bradley E Heppner, with whom we built our house in 2007/2008 , draws his plans by hand! The plans are so beautiful to look at- truly they are works of art. He is "old school," like Reid and Shutze, Crook and Means. These architects are so gifted.

    Looks like y'all had a great time!

  7. So fun! I am proud of all the people I know and admire who were honored! Thank you so much for the recap. It was almost like being there.

  8. I just want to state for the record that I took the Stan Dixon house picture with an iphone - it does not do the house justice! Interestingly, when it was purchased, the new owners installed a gate and fence, so it looks a bit different now in the very front.

  9. Terry -
    I have enjoyed this series on Shutze.
    Thank you!

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