Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gate to Hell opens near mid-century modern in Atlanta

I took a my standard short cut through LaVista Park today. It's quite a nice area near Cheshire Bride and Lindburgh. It's hidden, curvy, and hilly in a convenient location.

But as I passed a cute corner house, the air got hazy, the car sputtered, "Sympathy for the Devil" started playing on the radio. In a panic I floored it and glanced left to see the tell tale signs:

Time stood still as they eyed me. Were they beckoning or giving the alarm? As a friend of cats (really), I think they let me off with a warning this time.

We should have known where the mid-century modern revival was headed.

I don't dare reveal the exact location. Please use extreme caution.



  1. Are they ok? Strays? It's soooooo cold & snow is coming.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  2. Aww- poor little kitties! I hope they are OK too! Sadly, people can be so not very nice to little black kitties.

    (you probably didn't bet on this outpouring of support for them!?)

  3. Near as I can tell, the cats were at home and doing just fine in the sun.

  4. I love little black kitty-cats. And all other colors, too.

  5. are hilarious! They look sweet and as scared of you as you were of them!


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