Saturday, February 27, 2010

Josephine and Elmira - Lady Streets of Candler Park

The string of neighborhoods along the tracks east of Atlanta are delights for architecture tourists. The MLK Historic District, Old 4th Ward, Inman Park, Little 5 Points, Candler Park, Lake Claire, and Decatur define eclectic. The thoroughfares, Moreland, Dekalb Avenue, and McClenden just tease.

There are a little pockets of hidden streets that seem from another place or another era: The War Streets, The State Streets, The Park Streets, Southerland Hill. Each has it's own personalty enhanced the the proud and hardy folks who live there.

The Lady Streets are Elmira Place and Josephine Street, a couple of blocks east of Moreland Avenue. They are side by side but not exactly a matched pair.


Do you need a reason? How about the Inman Park Festival , Little 5 Points, or the original Flying Biscuit. Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q is between the lady streets and worth driving a few miles.

The Battle of Atlanta was fought here.

Elmira feels broad, flat and shady. Josephine's houses evoke New Orleans. The houses are impossibly close to the narrow street by Atlanta standards, like parts of the Old 4th Ward. My pictures can't show it:

If you are in the neighborhood, have a look.


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  1. I ride down Dekalb Avenue past Fox Bros on my way out to Stone Mountain a couple times a week. I need to dart into the neighborhoods and do some touring. I also, unfortunately, have not made it to Fox Bros yet.


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