Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jeff's Shutters #2

Hooked on Houses is hosting her "Hooked on Fridays" blog party; I hope y'all will click here and have look. This week I'm hooked on Jeff's Shutters again. Do you remember the original Jeff's Shutters post? A lot of nice folks left great comments.

Jeff needs your comments again because...

Jeff has changed the colors
. He's started building the hardware, removed all the old shutters and painted the windows.

In the original post Gordon and Jeff had designed new shutters, and selected colors for the shutters and for the window muntins. It was controversial. Family harmony was at stake. Dogs and cats were sleeping together.

They did a test. I took some pictures and did some PhotoShopping. Here are the original black, non-functional shutters. The test is in the lower right.


The muntins have gone white and the latest shutter color is California Paint "Pettingill Sage" Hist144. Here is the sample.


Let's go though the progression via my amateur Photoshop Elements, skills.

Black Shutters:


Photoshopped bluish shutters:


Removing the shutters changed the house big time. I almost snapped my neck as I drove by. I asked Jeff if he'd considered no shutters. He said emphatically, "these shutters are going up."


Photshopped Pettingill Sage (I don't have the correct colors and don't know how to manange the sun and shade.


It's a corner lot, here is the other facade with original black stick-on shutters:


Photoshopped with the bluish shutters:


The no shutter look. Here is Jeff. He's horsing the shutters around so I can get some pictures. Did I mention that he built the shutters himself? Well he did.


The Photoshopped sage shutters.


It's a great corner lot in the Lenox Park area of Atlanta's Morningside / Lenox Park neighborhood.


Thanks so much,


  1. I am not trying to pick a fight, here, but I prefer the 'no shutters' look on that house. You were right - the black press-on's certainly needed to "go." I prefer the blue/gray to the taupe/brown shutter. (Beautifully made new shutters, by the way.) Great area. Hope I did not increase the dissension.

  2. The style of the new functional shutter in the sage color transforms the classic traditional look of the residence to a more cottage appeal, especially should you paint the front door sage. I am having difficulty imagining the new style shutters in blue. I have to agree with TheOldPostRoad as I was immediately drawn to the image showing NO shutters, but then again that is me, I am a bit of a minimalist and had I not seen that image I wouldn't have thought twice about no shutters. Often there is discoloration of brick when shutters are removed and that can be unsightly if the color can't be equalized with pressure washing. I think once you've made your decision and move ahead with it things will come together nicely, but the new style of shutter definitely lightens the overall mood if that is what you are going for. JMHO! Very exciting, and best wishes.

  3. Did you want us to vote? I like it best with no shutters. Just simpler and the focus is more on the house as a whole.

  4. personally, I don't like the sage but love the blue. The house looks more 'homey' with the shutters (which are beautiful) but stately without - depends on how they want their home to feel.

  5. Is your friend adamant about the shutters going up because they are the right choice aesthetically, or because they were so much work and he feels committed to installing them because of it? Sometimes we are held "hostage" by our wrong choices.... Can you tell, I prefer no shutters at all?

  6. Upfront disclaimer: our HOA tells us exactly what color to paint our house, and that's fine by me.

    But for what it's worth, I don't like the blue. I do like 'no shutters'; I'm not sure about the sage color.

    Is there any chance Maria at Colour Me Happy would take a look at this? She does this for a living and seems to get great results.

  7. I like the sage - it's a nice natural tone that complements the deep red brick. The bluish doesn't fit the character of the house.

    Keep the shutters on as they're part of the style of the house.

  8. What a beautiful house! I like the sage shutters, all of them seem to work on such a lovely tradional home!

  9. I like the shutters. It makes the house seem more homey. Probably would have painted them the white or cream of the rest of the trim, but I'm pretty traditional anyway.

  10. Wow this is a tough one. Your home is beautiful and because I also have a red brick home with black shutters I'm partial to the black. The sage is a close second though. Be sure to show us your final look.

  11. Thanks for the visit! :) Your Photoshop skills are much better than mine would be if I tried! Love all that brick!!

  12. I love the new shutters...but I would go with boring black or white. I don't really like the blue, but the sage is okay. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. First of all, I want to say that the house is beautiful. I love the new shutter design, but I really prefer the black. Maybe it is just my preference, but I have black shutters on my brick house and I have a red door--traditional, but just my taste. So my suggestion is to paint them black and make a colorful statement with the front door. Nancy, MI

  14. I love the house and the sage shutters. I am so happy I discovered your blog. I love the pictures from around Atlanta.

  15. I don't like the sage, and if I had to pick, I would say the black or the blue. But you know what I would do....I would paint the house white or cream, then go with the blue. Or, paint the house cream, so the shutters taupe, then do the front door a great shade of blue.

    Spitzmiller and Norris did two spec houses on Blackland, near where it intersects with Putnam. The builder put two houses on what had been a single lot. Both were brick. A few months ago, I drove by and one was being painted white - actually, an off white, a very beautiful color. It completely transformed the house. The house is on the market if you look at the offerings on Blackland.

  16. I like the blue shutters the best, and he did a great job building them. I can understand the no shutters look from the front, but I think they really add some interest to the side of the house, so I would keep them (I'm also partial to a house with shutters).

  17. Hmmm that is a tough one. I love the new shutter design.... to have the skill to do that is impressive. Re: Which color -- I like the blue in the pics where they are on the house and the sage in the standalone shutter pic. The sage on the house looks more gold in those pictures. On my computer anyway.

    I like the idea from another commenter -- painting the brick... which is probably not an option, but it would be a great way to unify the rest of the house (i.e., siding). If you chose to do that - I'd probably start all over on shutter colors because the choices would be never ending.

    Such a big decision. I also like the idea of using a color consultant. I checked out her blog -- pretty amazing talent. Wish she lived near me. lol

    Good luck - I'll be watching for the result.

  18. First, I've always liked this house!

    Personally, I'm partial to black shutters on a red brick house. I also admire white brick houses with black doors like Lisa's of Bloomsbury. Fun to hear everyone weigh in.

  19. In person, right now in October, the new paint looks terrific! The olive is great, and I love it with the rusty-red front door. Don't know if it's final but it is certainly handsome. Well done!

  20. I think something should be used to dress the top dog houses and the back part with the siding too,it looks naked.

  21. I prefer if there are exterior wood shutters because it certainly adds more appeal to the house. The bluish shutters would be perfect for the style and color of the house.

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