Friday, July 31, 2009

Inman Park's Fun Figure Fence

We cruised through Atlanta's Inman Park today and took some pictures of a great fence belonging to a corner bungalow.


So few designs are fun:

Who lives here? What's it like inside? It's a lot bigger than it looks.

I think a circa 1920's bungalow (might be older) should look it age. The hydrangeas have done their color duty and but continue their work in form, texture, and fading.

But I'm easy to please. This is just one detail on one house on a street you might not even find.



  1. Terry,
    I am a fan of anything with the sun, moon and stars on it, so this fence tickles my fancy! I love the touch of whimsy it brings.

  2. I would say definitely is bigger than one would think. THose houses are deceiving that way, which I like. The fence is fun!

    Terry- I saw a few bright-colored houses outside Druid Hills area but didn't have my camera with me so will go back and try to find them! I thought of you!!

  3. I love the designs, and also the wavy curves of the fence top. Very fun!

  4. I love the fence. It adds a sort of whimsical effect.

  5. Such a fun fence! I love driving around and looking at houses, too.


  6. What a fabulous idea for a fence! We need to replace some of our wooden gates and this is one idea I going to consider!

  7. What a crazy fun fence. Yes who does inhabit that home? Not boring people I suspect!

  8. I adore that fence. The design for one thing, but that someone took a risk, for another. Very cool.

  9. That was the home of Christine Sibley, a great artist in the neighborhood---at one time the fence was much more colorful and had little red lights in the eyes of the animals---the whole house was wonderful when she lived there, multicolored siding and all----she did the fountain at the botanical garden with all the faces --- see

  10. Thanks so much tomitron. For non-Atlanta folks you might stumble onto Christine Sibley's sculptures on any garden tour. Here are pictures from Face In The Fountain by Christine Sibley from Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Several are by my friend HamWithCam.

    I'm embarrassed that I can't find a decent bio on the web, a gap that needs to be filled.

  11. I'll never forget talking with Christine Sibley at her water feature she did for the Atlanta Botanical Garden with the faces. Anyway. Her hair was short and about 7 different bright, bright colors.

    The fence? OMG love, love, love and love some more that it is NOT white.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  12. I love the unruly mondo grass around the octagon pavers. So simple. Kind of like one of those crazy haircuts.

    We used to call those old octagons "pumps." Most old ones are loose. In the rain you'd step on a loose one and it would squirt muddy water on your legs.

  13. Hexagons, I mean hexagons pavers.

  14. Helen, Clark and AnaAugust 15, 2012 at 11:41 AM

    Imagine our surprise to see our house on your site. It makes us happy that others can still enjoy Christine's art - we absolutely love it and have preserved as much as we could. You should take some pictures of the spiral stairway in the back.


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