Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Loft / Art Stroll at Castleberry Point Atlanta

Architecture Tourist Auxiliary members, Rachel, JoAnn and I, did the Castleberry Hill 4th Friday Art Stroll on 6-26-09. We were too lazy to leave the Castleberry Point Lofts - artists, photographers, 5 open lofts, rooftop views, food, wine, friends - we just hung out there. We talked to several folks who lived down there. It gave us a chance to imagine an urban loft lifestyle. There is no place in Atlanta like Castleberry Hill.

This is upstairs in one of the lofts. Here is the floorplan.


This loft floorplan has access to rooftop patios.


We met some artists. Here is Michael McGill at


Photographer Shani Lewis, one of several photographers showing with Atlanta Photography Exhibit (APE). We also talked with Max Shirley (not shown) a director of APE.


And Laura Wellem:


The rooftop was a great place to watch the sunset.


We also were delighted to me the Two sisters who'll be opening the Two Sisters Market this fall, a much needed grocery in Castleberry Point.

Here are some more pictures, 14 in all.



  1. You won 2nd place!!!!!!!!1 congrats!!!!

  2. I need to go to an art walk one of these days!

    Congratulations on your 'win' on Cote de Texas! I was so happy to see your name in her post.

  3. The TULA, MOCA, Bennet Street, Buckhead Stroll is tonight, Thursday, July 2. Here is a list of the galleries in the First Thursday Buckhead Gallery Walk but other places are open as well. With all the planning for our mega 4th party I'm not sure if the Tourists will do the walk tonight.

  4. I clearly went to the wrong part of the art stroll... but we did have fun. Much of what I saw though was a little "angry" for me. I'm simple, I suppose, but I love the fun, happy, pretty, art.

  5. I'm personally over art that tries to shock me or even worse, tries to make me a better person. Buckhead / Bennett street galleiies are more commercial, that is, less edgy. But you can find edgy anywhere. Did you go to Besharat in Castleberry Hill? What a space.

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