Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why waste a great garage on a stupid car?

Julia over at Hooked on Houses is hosting her "Hooked on Friday's" blog party. This is my 4th try.

If you are queasy, you'd better leave this page now. You probably don't want to live here. But you might come here to eat, or to drink, or to shop. While here you'll probably muse for a few minutes about what it's like to live here. Let me tell you, it's pretty darn good. This is de facto new urbanism.

Most folks start here young and childless, or they arrive from other "urban" environments.

I want to show you a fantastic little 1930's house in one of Atlanta's best neighborhoods. The listing pictures aren't so good. I pass this one often and enjoy it's straightforward plainness. The sand/white/pink paint scheme makes it pop. You can't use pink in just any neighborhood. And, Donna Pinter's mosaic is just down Barnett street.

This is a facade? Broken hex pavers? Shabby retaining wall? Weak landscape? No setback? This place is great!!

In this neighborhood, the perfect lawn that's is a rarity. This is perfectly fine. Easy to clean gutters too, a necessity with all the trees.

Yuck? Well, here is the craftsman entrance. I spoke with the owner. A builder offered him several thousand dollars for the porch. Said he'd also replace it with a simpler one. No Deal!

It's on the corner so there is no hiding.P3022269-Barnett-VirginiaCircleSand-White-Pink

Now we're getting somewhere: 3BR, 2 BA, 10 foot ceilings.

Huge garage. But in our neighborhood, who'd waste a garage on a silly car? You can have a workshop, or a studio, or maybe both and a potbelly stove, with a skyline view in the winter.
You'll need a "city" car, a 15 year-old beat up Volvo wagon, to park on the curb.

For this neighborhood, this is a sprawling estate. How about huge mature trees to give you some summertime shade?

What's the deal?: It's across the street from a park, and a short level walk to other parks (including Piedmont Park), schools, churches, bars, restaurants, drug store, hardware, movie theaters, ice cream, hair cuts, blues, people watching...

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Returning control back over to Hooked on Houses is hosting her "Hooked on Friday's" blog party.

Next week, if all goes well, I hope to show you one of the most dignified, humane buildings in Atlanta.



  1. Hello - I am doing the 'Hooked on Fridays' too - but I didn't realize that I should have used the name of my post in the name field. Live and learn!

    Atlanta is the most amazingly diverse place. In your neighborhood, the garage is a luxury. In my neighborhood (strict HOA), you get in trouble for parking your car in the street, and they don't even like it if you park in your driveway!

  2. I love your blue porch ceiling!! Can I bring my sleeping bag over and sleep on your porch? Or just lay there and stare at that blue?

  3. Oh my gosh, $650k? I was not expecting that! But it's all about location, and I don't know Atlanta neighborhoods. It's a cute house, though.

  4. Nice rundown of homes. Start with the simple, but homey then end with a pretty elegant place.

  5. Most Atlanta bungalows of that era have much more space than you'd expect from the outside. The interiors of many are breathtaking even if they seem a bit run down.

  6. gorgeous. out of my price range and too small, but that's ok - i still like to look! :)

  7. Holy recession Batman! $650K and that's reduced $100K... Wow!

    Your pictures are much better than the listing photos, they should hire you and maybe they'd be able to sell the place! This just shows how little I really know about real estate in Atlanta!

    Visiting from the blog party!

  8. I looked at the MLS photos and there's so much potential in this house. I hope the right people buy it and do it justice!


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