Monday, March 16, 2009

The Greek temple on Atlanta's Ellis Street is a parking deck!!

From the corner of Forsyth and Peachtree street architecture tourists see this vision of a gleaming white Greek temple with colossal , closely spaced columns. It's the parking lot for the 191 Peachtree Building. It's on Ellis Street Right behind the Ritz Carlton.
This is from the Downtown library looking northeast.

Here we are on Ellis Street. Still looks like a temple, doesn't it?

This is the Peachtree Center Avenue facade.

It's the best parking deck in Atlanta. It is better than the 191 Building? That's the tall building that belongs to the parking lot.

While you are on Ellis go one more block east to look at this beauty at 54 Ellis Street.

I don't know the name of this building. At some point it was the Southern Territorial Headquarters building for the Salvation Army and later the Atlanta Union Mission.





  1. Hi terry - thanks for your visit to hill country house today. Your blog looks fun - now I can look around Atlanta (and anywhere else you visit) and not have to wait to drive around!Great post - I'll be back!

  2. Me again - I love it that you want the painted cupboard in "another life". I refer to things all the time as "in my next life"!!

  3. if you're going to make a parking deck,for a custom one, it's very little extra money to make it look pretty! It's when it comes to those 'kit' buildings that they're eye sores! I like this version!

  4. I have known that building as simply the Salvation Army building - I saw a sales flyer for it a few years ago, but I'm not sure what happened with the sale. It is a pretty little building, though. I'm glad you got some good pictures of it!

  5. Next time I venture into this neck of the woods, I am going to go see these two buildings for myself. The parking deck is great, and the door of the Salvation Army building is a really distinguished.

  6. I just love the things you find!

    I wonder why this style of parking deck does not proliferate -- ?? Yes I know it's probably more expensive than the traditional ugly ones, but some of these developers seem to have money to burn (or they did before the fall).


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