Saturday, October 18, 2008

Views from the Grant Building in downtown Atlanta

The Grant Building is a modest beauty that fronts on Walton Street. It's entry doors are actually on Broad and Forsyth Streets. But I want to show you the view from inside. The view from the lower floors may be the most charming urban views in Atlanta. All you can see are some of Atlanta very best older buildings and a few news ones.

First, let's here it for transom windows.

The Healey Building, the old Reeder McGhahee Sporting Goods store. The top of the Flat Iron.

The Muses building.

The Healey Building's east facade with 191 Peachtree, the Equitable and Georgia Pacific Buildings as a backdrop.

The Grant Building's west facade on Forsyth Street is on the left. The Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center is modern building dead ahead bathed in morning light. It's the most impressive building south of Marietta Street in Atlanta. It looks like you should miniaturize it an plug it into your motherboard. I really like it but I probably shouldn't. From street level is offputting but in a more impressive way that most new federal buildings. Here is the wikimpia for the neighborhood.

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