Friday, October 17, 2008

Southside Atlanta: Jonesboro Rd at Lakewood Ave.

Exit at Langford Parkway, head east toward Lakewood Stadium. You'll find a five-points intersection at Lakewood Avenue and Jonesboro Road, where Lakewood Heights meets South Atlanta in NPU-Y. It's a little commercial corner that I like so much. It's a bit run down now but it has human scale and that lived in look. It's coming back.

Heading north on Lakeside just south of the Jonesboro intersection you catch a glimpse of an old masonic temple in beige brick.

A bit closer we see the well kept Scott building on Jonesboro.

South from the Scott building is this old service station with amazing columns. it's at the corner of Whatley Street and Jonesboro Road.

It's boarded up and fenced in as is something may yet happen there. I hope it will.

On the west side of Lakewood is this modest but classy abandoned building.

A little bit of parapet detail elevates a little building.
Where Rhodesia Avenue crosses Lakewood and Jonesboro is this attractive corner. This could be East Atlanta, Little Five Points or Virginia Highlands.

West of Jonesboro there charming little houses (pictures in another post) and a church on nearly every block.

This 2-story is a bit sad but would look great anywhere. The roof has collapsed probably from a fire.

Where Lakewood meets Milton there is an abandoned depot with huge columns. I hope to get a better picture.

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