Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grant Mansion Photographers and Patinas.

Will I love it as much when it's finished? I'm talking about the 1854 L.P. Grant Mansion, home of the Atlanta Preservation Center.

It was a ruin in 2001. There were no ceilings, no floors. But oh the walls - patina is an inadequate a word for them.

You should see for yourself on Saturday March 24 from 2-5pm for a couple of Phoenix Flies events.

May I show you a few pictures from the Grant Mansion's first art show on March 14?

WonderRoot partnered with Atlanta Preservation Center on the exhibit, "The Future is Behind Us."

I arrived about dusk. It's only a rancher so far, it's got some growing to do.

The walls are about all that's left from the original structure. but what walls.

The porch is grand and makes me feel grand.

I rushed straight though the house to see the new back porch. Folks were so comfortable back there.

I peeked from the porch into the parlor and found the party amid the patina. (I'm going to get into big trouble for this sentence.)

Stephanie Dowda (above) curated the show for WonderRoot and Atlanta Preservation Center.

P1050662-2012-03-14-WonderRoot-APC-Atlanta photographer–John-Paul-Floyd--The-Future-Is-Behind-Us-Opening-Reception
Photographer John Paul Floyd.

P1050666-2012-03-14-WonderRoot-APC-Atlanta photographer–Nikita-Gale--The-Future-Is-Behind-Us-Opening-Reception
Photographer Nikita Gale.

P1050682-2012-03-14-WonderRoot-APC-Atlanta photographer–Chris-Carder--The-Future-Is-Behind-Us-Opening-Reception
Photographer Chris Carder.

Photographer Chris-McClure.

I arrived too late to photograph photographer Jill Frank.

A mansion with plywood floors makes for a comfortable party.

P1050685-2012-03-14--friend--Chris-Carder--Chris Appleton-The-Future-Is-Behind-Us-Opening-Reception-tryptic
Smiles were the order of the evening.

P1050690-2012-03-14--friend--Chris-Carder--Chris-McClure--Chris Appleton-The-Future-Is-Behind-Us-Opening-Reception-tryptic
The 3 Chris's wanted a picture: Chris Carder, Chris McClure, Chris Appleton.

It was time to go home.


I'll see you there on Saturday, OK?


  1. I love the patinas. I doubt they will leave them alone but I can dream.

  2. They will certainly leave them alone. They cast a magic spell, the are proud of the notches and dings accumulated over the years. Resistance is futile.


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