Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The "Moderns" on Their "Best Days" MA Design is Human Tour

Why do folks put their houses on tour? Back to that in a minute.

It's not love at first sight for me. They are so unfamiliar, so complicated, so clever, so cool, so clean, so uncluttered, so unornamented, so unmoored from the familiar, so "start from scratch every time." But I so enjoy visiting and I'm perfectly willing to give love a chance.

That's why this was my 6th year as docent for the Modern Atlanta Tour of Homes.

I gave up taking pictures and gave up trying to explain these places. You have to be there.

I was docent at two houses for about 3 1/2 hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings. In the afternoons I raced all over to see the rest of the houses. I'm exhausted and they are all jumbled up in my head.

Why do folks put their houses on tour? Many reasons I'm sure.

But if the owners stayed home, they'd know that people are the best home accessory, and that their homes had never been so alive.

IMG_6678 14-06-07 Modern Atlanta home tour 2014
These were their best days.

Hey Octane, thanks for the lemonade.

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