Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Terry's Tiny Tour: 16 in Scottdale Georgia Off the Main Roads

I hope nobody is home when I cruise neighborhoods taking pictures. On this day nobody was around.

And I'm always wanting to see what's off the main roads in Scottdale. I'd blogged the houses around the green before, just charming, but never south of the tracks.

Scottdale, Georgia is just inside the Perimeter just north of Avondale Estates and east of Decatur. It was a mill town but I'm not sure it was ever an official town. Your Dekalb Farmers Market is in Scottdale.

I shot these for our House Portraits - House Painters - Vernacular Cracker show at VintageATL but I didn't have time to make anything of it.

My tiny video tour of Scottdale lasts 3:07. I'm fascinated. This is familiar territory in the south, familiar to me for my whole life. What do you think?
Please click here if you can't see the video.

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  1. My cut through for 3+ decades. Always loved going thru Scottdale. Liked it better when the textile outlet was still there.

    Have moved to the real Buckhead, near Lake Ononee, ca. 1900 American Farmhouse architecture. Looking at cows now out my office window.



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