Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Almost Perfect Master Suite - 2007 Renovation Designed by Robert B. Tippett

The Architecture Tourist seeks spaces that make people feel good. When optimistic the Architecture Tourist believes that comfortable spaces can be duplicated and should be.

This is what they teach in design and architecture schools, right?

Well this is a good one. It's for sale on 936 North Highland. It's not like the "others." Brand new at 100+ years old. Your results may vary but in my humble opinion it's extraordinary, perhaps may favorite house of the year: unique, fun, livable, and high style with windows overlooking life. It's doesn't come cheap but they just dropped the price.

IMG_20150602_173746 2015-06-02 Highland Caravan renovation design Robert B. Tippett Architect Fernholm Consultants Incorporated
They still have the renovation plans.

I'm extremely judgmental about master suites. It drives me nuts when ample space and money produce uncomfortable spaces and unhappy proportions.

I have a long list but here are three ideas for the master:
  1. You should feel cozy in the bed chamber even without furniture.
  2. You should be able do your toilet and dressing without disturbing the sleeping loved one. Sometimes achieved with a 2-door bathroom as in this house.
  3. You shouldn't be able to see into the bathroom from the bed. The bathroom lights should never shine on the pillows. This is eminently possible but rare.
This one is darn good. Here is Terry's tiny 90 second tour.

Bravo Robert B. Tippett.

This is more typical: a 4,000+ square foot spec house. A 4-door 600+ square foot master with bodacious trey ceiling and all marble bathroom. Quit doing this:


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