Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thanks for "Atlanta according to Terry Kearns" but I have to explain something...

Some of my answers threw JoAnn off and maybe I confused you too. I'll clear everything up in a second.

Thanks to Creative Loafing for this little feature: "Atlanta according to Terry Kearns" in which I answered 10 questions. I'm grateful to Thomas Wheatley who wrote it and to Eric Cash who took a wonderful picture that made me look slim.


1. My favorite nature spot in ATL is the Duck Pond in Peachtree Heights East.
JoAnn said, "I can't believe you said 'the duck pond.'"
I am not a nature boy, I don't "get" getting back to nature and I avoid camping at all times. But I do love the Duck Pond, even more because it's one block from Peachtree Street. It never fails to surprise and delight me.

The Duck Pond.

2. East Atlanta is my favorite neighborhood.
I'm a sucker for neighborhood centers. I've just spent a month visiting East Atlanta to curate my first art show at VintageATL. I declare East Atlanta Village to be the equal of any neighborhood in Atlanta. You should try it out.

But what really put East Atlanta over the top is...

the Big Terry mural of me by Joe Dreher aka JoeKingATL at VintageATL.  See what I mean? Now all the girls want to be in my pictures. Bravo East Atlanta. Thanks to Carl Lavin for the picture.

3. Clough Commons at Georgia Tech is my favorite building.
I could only pick one. So I went for multipurpose, public, and crazy and the Clough is it. It's huge, amazing, open 24/7, and full of people.

Atlanta's "Spanish Steps" are part of  the Clough's indoor piazza. One of Atlanta's great spaces I think.

And there's a garden walk on top.

I hope I've cleared everything up for now.

Thanks so much.

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