Sunday, May 3, 2015

Demolition Watch: Go See This Little Oakhurst Landmark Before It's Gone

We've lost bigger buildings, finer designs, and more historic places lately. But this funky little flatrion - I'm taking it pretty hard. I have an uncanny attachment to it and I'm not the only one.

It was still there on Friday May 1. Go see, there's a map at the bottom of this post.

It was last the Tabernacle Missionary Holiness Church. Before? Do you know? Do you have a picture?

" 102 Fifth Ave. was built c. 1916-1920. I suspect the City of Decatur is anxious to see this parcel open up for a number of reasons, one of the biggest being the current owner is a religious, i.e., tax-exempt, entity. When the City Commission approves the bid tonight, it will place a $21,000 lien on the property to cover the demolition costs, etc. Expect to see soon a request to rezone and redevelop the property so that the City can add it to the tax digest." Thanks to David Rotenstein

IMG_6619 2014-06-05 (first photographed 2013-09-26) Tabernacle Missionary Holiness Church 102 5th Ave Decatur dangerous
On one of our most picturesque streets, the oddest building is the most memorable.

" Bid Award.
Recommend accepting a proposal from Leon Benton Construction, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia in the amount of $18,750 for the demolition and removal of a dilapidated building of the building at 102 Fifth Avenue. "

Somebody must have lived up there.

IMG_6610 2014-06-05 (first photographed 2013-09-26) Tabernacle Missionary Holiness Church 102 5th Ave Decatur dangerous
Why did they cover the brick?

20150427_120316 2015-04-27 Interior teardown Oakhurst Church Tabernacle Missionary Holiness Church 102 5th Ave Decatur Georgia enhanced
Are folks squatting there?

If you can't get by, here's the video, about five minutes long.

2015-04-05 Plat Map Tabernacle Missionary Holiness Church 102 5th Ave Decatur
From Dekalb County Tax Records

Go See.

More pictures of Tabernacle Missionary Holiness Church 102 5th Ave Decatur Georgia.

"Most landmarks and focal points in cities - of which we need more, not fewer - come from the contrast of use radically different from its surroundings, and therefore inherently special-looking, happily located to make some drama and contrast of the inherent difference ... noble buildings ... set within the matrix of the city, instead being sorted out and withdrawn into 'courts of honor'"- Page 228, ”The Death and Life of Great American Cities” - Jane Jacobs, Vintage Books Edition 1991


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