Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lizzie Chapel Is Hollowed Out But Survives in Inman Park

They had to do a history before renovating Inman Park's Lizzie Chapel. I've offered to help make it public because I still don't know who Lizzie is. I'll let you know if I hear.


I've already blogged it: "Inside Lizzie Chapel in Inman Park July 19, 2012" when it looked like this.

Since then, they've built three houses the parking lot. Now they've hollowed out the church to build six apartments.

They've saved this 84 year old landmark.

I got a peek inside.

Here's a tiny before and after video.


This cornerstone came along later then someone got effaced.


IMG_6668 2015-03-27 Lizzie Chaple Inman 
Park Atlanta inside renovation
There are saving and moving four of the windows from what I understand.


  1. that would be a great artist space or private home all hollowed out like that.

  2. This is what I found on-line, you may find it interesting to read!

    Reflections Church History (Lizzie Chapel Baptist Church).

    In 1892 a group of believers attending Bloomfield Baptist Church in Macon became interested in starting their own church. They began praying for God to show them where the church should be built. One of these believers, Mrs. Lizzie Denton, had a dream where God showed her that the church should be located at Bartlett and Berry Streets.

    The Christians met in a little house next door until a church could be built. Sunday School and worship services started in the new church on October 12, 1892. The founders were three ministers: Revs. H.C. Clay, H. Woods, and Edgar Williams; three ordained deacons, Cy Williams, Will Denton, and Charlie Denton, Sr.; and nine members with letters: Sisters Annie Simmons, Mattie Kelsey, Ida Cliett, Mary McNiece, Jo Williams, Sue Johnston, Susan Johnson, Lula Denton and Lizzie Denton.

    The late Rev. Ruffin Williams was the first pastor, with Deacon Will Denton as the first Chairman of Deacons and Superintendent of the Sunday School. Unfortunately a fire destroyed the church so the members held meetings under a "bush arbor” on this site until the church was rebuilt.

    Rev. R. W. Odom was the second pastor and served until his death. There was a new beginning under his pastorate.

    Great accomplishments were achieved under the third pastor, Reverend Frank Howard.

    The fourth pastor, Rev. E.J. Calhoun, who is buried on the church grounds brought great recognition to our church. He was a prolific preacher who was in great demand throughout the city and state. People would come from near and far to hear him preach, and wherever he went he drew a crowd. Rev. Calhoun served 24 years until his death August 28, 1947. Lizzie Chapel continued to grow and make progress under his leadership.

    In 1948 God placed Rev. Ellis Sylvanus Evans, Sr. as pastor. During his tenure as pastor the church grew with the many ministries Rev. Evans developed and oversaw, which brought many new members into the body of Christ. Because of the tremendous growth occurring under the Evans administration, the church was forced to add additional space to the building. Classrooms, administrative offices, assembly rooms, a kitchen and fellowship hall were added to handle the growth and to effectively discharge the ministry obligations. Rev. Evans served from 1948 until his retirement in 1992.


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