Thursday, July 4, 2013

Leete Hall 1922 at Carver High

I had no idea! I'd seen it at a distance but never up close until last Saturday. I was returning from Spivey Hall the long way, up Jonesboro Road through South Atlanta. A train blocked Hank Aaron at McDonough at University so I turned in.

This is the view you see in pictures, a Tudor tower on a little rise.

It's over the top in the very best way.

Carver High, George Washington Carver High School, is now the "The New Schools at Carver." But the main building we see today is Leete Hall (1922) designed by Alexander Hamilton and Henry White Jr.. In 1922 this was the campus of Clark University and Gammon College, now Gammon Theological Seminary I think. The colleges moved out of South Atlanta in 1941.

It's like a cathedral.

I was totally alone on the campus. It's not a huge place but I was overwhelmed.

I needed hours to spot the details.

Every corner deserved a closeup.

The backside is better than most front-sides.

Remarkable to see a cross on a school these days.

Now I know.

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  1. A great building, the mix of details & styles is remarkable. I could happily sit with a sketchbook & spend a few hours trying to capture it.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your visit.

    1. Yes I think it would take sketching to show the details.

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