Sunday, July 28, 2013

In Case the Falcons Tear Down Friendship Baptist

It's been in the news so I went see Atlanta's Friendship Baptist Church. If the powers chose the "south" site for the new Falcons Station, Friendship is a goner. But maybe they'll chose the "north" site. I took pictures of the cornerstones, just in case.

It's beautiful. The institution itself has been REAL important for a long time though the buildings aren't particularly old.

The 2002 "Listed in National Register of Historic Places" plaque doesn't necessarily mean it's safe.

IMG_2698 2013-07-26-Friendship-Baptist-Church-Atlanta sign
It's not in perfect condition, but it is in immaculate condition.

 IMG_2693 2013-07-26-Friendship-Baptist-Church-Atlanta
The gulch swallows it up. It's in such an open area, it doesn't have much visual impact until you get close.

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The church is picturesque but the setting isn't. Friendship is a buffer between the Georgia Dome, the railroad gulch, Castleberry Hill, and the Atlanta University Center.

IMG_2694 2013-07-26-Friendship-Baptist-Church-Atlanta
Go see.

The 2002 bronze plaque plaque (2nd picture in this post) says 1866; this stone says 1862.

This is the 1968 cornerstone. This one says "1862" too.

The pastor's cornerstone says 1862.

This deserves more study but I was having a look around. Northside at Martin Luthor King is an "amen corner" with four churches.

IMG_2687 2013-07-26-Mount-Vernon-Baptist-Church-Atlanta-MLK
Mount Vernon Baptist Church would be a goner if they pick the south site but they aren't talking with the press so we don't hear much about it.

Central United Methodist Chruch is on the west side of Northside Drive. I presume it's not at risk from the stadium.

IMG_2692 2013-07-26-West-Mitchell-CME-Church-Atlanta
The West Mitchell CME Church is also safe. Pardon me for taking a picture of the back side. You can't always tell with moderns.

Go see.


  1. I hate to see that history and beautiful architecture go for a football stadium.

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