Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Low Museum's Very First Show - Gallery Opening on Monday!

Pastiche Lumumba's projected survey based on "Girl with a Pearl" hashtags was live and interactive.

The High Museum closes on Mondays. The Low Museum opens. You can't get a haircut or visit a gallery on Monday. But there I was last night for the very first show at The Low Museum of Contemporary Culture in the Old Fourth Ward.

It's brand new, an idea rather than a place, run by focused students rather than veteran mavens. (The Low Museum is on Facebook and on Twitter @TheLowMuseum.)

It was a gallery hop with only one hop. It takes a little courage to visit a gallery for the first time. Would I see anyone I knew?

The show - #MoreOfTheSame - featured hashtags: "...we are intrinsically aware of the fact that anything we do has been done before."

Clovice Holt, Chris Holloway, Pastiche Lumumba, Steffen Sornpao, Jordan Stubbs, Beau Torres.

This is the place, a gallery in a student's apartment on this odd row of houses on John Wesley Dobbs just off Boulevard. I was happy to see inside after all these years of drive-bys.

The living area became a gallery.

By Steffen Sornpao.

IMG_2580-2013-07-22-opening-Low-Museum-MoreOfTheSame-Double-Rothko-by-Chris Holloway
"Double Rothko" by Chris Holloway was huge and delightful.

You young folks will "get" the hashtag stuff. I'll have to study.

I think "Iconversation" by Clovice Holt is a work in progress. It's been getting attention around town.

IMG_2578-2013-07-22-opening-Low-Museum-MoreOfTheSame-Last Supper-by-Jordan-Stubbs-with-Esme-Jarrell
Jordan Stubbs is the Low Gallery guy. This is his "Last Supper," one in a set of 9 works. The phone in a frame is part of the work. Esme Jarrell is in the "Last Supper" and the only person I knew. Thanks for saying hello Esme.

These outward looking gender-confused portraits at eye-level by Clovice Holt were in charge of the glamor.

These witty artist-at-work self-portraits by Beau Torres rewarded a long look.

The opening and the gallery worked. Folks kept arriving, doing the gallery-browse and gallery-chat.

It was breezy on the porch and we needed it.

 Time to go. I switched to architecture tourist mode. The building is at a high point on the Boulevard corridor, on a wide street with a view of downtown. It feels open and airy.

I wondered about this side-facing ghost portico next door.

It was nice to get a close look. I watched it being built in 2004. It never really clicked with me though I liked the geometry, the innie/outie curves, and the scored bands. And who can resist a red awning? Last night I decided that the rustic California-style stucco finish muddied the crisp lines.Was the designer on vacation when they did the stucco?

Thanks for an interesting Monday.

The Low Museum is on Facebook and on Twitter @TheLowMuseum.

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