Thursday, August 1, 2013

Six fireplaces in this 1920's Virginia-Highland Craftsman

1017 Highland View is for sale right now. It began its life in high style and at 90+ years all that style is still there. It's loving owners didn't mess it up while updating the kitchen, bathrooms, and decor. The interior design is effortlessly outstanding. I think would look just as good empty.

If you see an open house on certain streets, you must go.

I'll demonstrate with its six elaborate fireplaces in 4 designs.

This is the entry room with a classical mantel with chimney breast, built-in bench and stair with unashamed, expensive floral wallpaper. Who dares wallpaper these days?

The parlor on the right has a matching fireplace but without a chimney breast.

Matching fireplaces tie entry and parlor into a single visual space: modern right, craftsman left, florals left, horizontals right.

The dining room mixes antiques and modern with this Louis XV curvey fireplace on a chimney breast. This is un-whimpy decor, minimal on its own terms. A pro designer can go sparse in a room like this or pile it on.

That's the three downstairs, now for the three upstairs.

The master - I think - all three bedrooms are grand. Look at all that yummy woodwork. The dark fireplace makes a statement in here. The furniture harmonizes with the dark wood, tying things together.

Curves with shag and Eames: Bravo. Do try this at home with professional help.

Same fireplace design but on a breast, art pulls colors from the marble.

I wish  you could turn around to see what's behind me because I'm not showing you everything.


If you visit an open house on certain streets, you'll probably find an architecture tourist.


  1. What a pretty home. I do love those fireplaces.

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