Friday, May 10, 2013

We're Losing a Tall Atlanta Landmark

They don't need this 835 foot smokestack any more. But I hate losing a landmark.

Georgia Power is converting Plant McDonough-Atkinson from a coal-fueled electric generator to a natural gas-fired generator. The two coal units, 1 and 2, have been retired.

They ruled out imploding it so they are taking it down chunk by chunk.

IT WAS TALL. Can you imagine working on that little balcony?

Bank of America Plaza spire 1040 ft
SunTrust Plaza atenna 902 ft
Plant McDonough-Atkinson stack 835 ft
One Atlantic Center 820 ft
191 Peachtree Tower 770 ft
Westin Peachtree Plaza roof 723 ft
Georgia Pacific Tower 697 ft

But it sits on low ground, on the north bank of the Chattahooche. The elevation at its base is about 780' above sea level. In contrast, the base of 191 Peachtree is about 1,080' above sea level.

There's almost no place where you can see it from top to bottom. I took this picture from Paul Avenue.

Unless you live in Smyna, or commute on South Cobb, or drive the NW section of I-285, you might have never seen it.

It illudes. It appears suddenly, a Zen View. It pokes up from the landscape inaccessible and alone.

Does it look safe up there? I'll bet it's noisy, demolishing concrete and steel, ahh but the view.

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  1. Great photos, Terry! Thank you for posting...didn't know about this particular stack. I know out tourists see them as "out of place", but they do have their unique place in Atlanta history.

  2. I have just recently found you and have so enjoyed the last few days of "binge blogging". You are an absolute treasure. Keep up the good work.

  3. dear Terry, thanks for this update about the city as I am out of town since months. I really imagine the view from that little balcony.
    - Vinnie


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