Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teardown Complete in Inman Park - Bravo

A teardown in Inman Park. Are you kidding?

When we dream, we talk Ansley Park, Candler Park, Peachtree Hills, Morningside, Midtown, Virginia Highland, Oakhurst, Kirkwood, Winona Park, MAK. In the end it's always: "We want to live in Inman Park." But there's isn't room for all of us.

Property records say the old house was built in 1917, 1,603 square feet on a 0.11 acre lot.

The new house was designed by Adam Stillman Residential Design, built by Cablik Enterprises, the building permit shows 2,302 square feet.

This is a stunningly small house by today's intown teardown standards. But it fits. At nearby 836 Euclid they are building 4,162 square feet on .2 acre, but it also fits.

The old house was blue and boarded up.

It was embedded in the vegetation and in the context of the street. It's the house on the left.

There wasn't a driveway. The houses seem like a mass planting, growing together. This is an "old" look.

You just can't do a new house without a driveway so the new house is narrower to accommodate it. On this hill the driveway requires these abrupt retaining walls. It's a startling effect but landscaping will soften them over the years.

I liked the old place but if it had to go...

...this is pretty darn good and better in person.

It's within sight of this infill which also had to fit.



  1. That is cute. I'll bet they are eager for the greenery to grow! (I think that is what I miss most when I see a new infill house- the yard just has to catch up!)

    1. Yes Trish and the bigger the house the longer it takes to catch up.

  2. Thanks for the write-up, Terry. This was one of my favorite projects to work on. Just the right client, the right neighbors, and the right spot. I'm anxious for the landscaping to fill in, too. Hopefully in a year you'll never know that the house wasn't always there.

    1. Adam, I know you are doing more in the neighborhood, very nice ones too. Congratulations.

  3. I do love the look of the new house but kind of sad to see the old one go. Great post, Terry!


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