Thursday, May 16, 2013

Great New Modern on a Great Atlanta Street - Charles Allen Teardown

It had suffered a hippie-renovation and was prime Midtown Atlanta teardown bait.

On the eclectic Charles Allen Drive the new house could make a statement yet fit right in. Go see for yourself, my pictures don't capture it, don't capture how good it is in context. It makes the street better.

I've driven by 100's of times over decades but I never got used to it. The old house became an unlovable landmark.

This is the house to the left, not in showroom condition but impressive. Tax records show this one was built in "1920," a contemporary of the teardown.

The hippie-modern renovation might have been very cool in it's day.

They tore it down and it sat and sat with this too-cute sign.

We forgot about the old house.

Then Brian Ahern (left) and Jeff Darby (right) got hold of it. See more about another house by Brian and Jeff.

They don't do craftsman. They do modern spec houses that sell before they are finished.

A breath of fresh air at 3,705 square feet. Would this fit on your street?

Mmmm.... gravel and squarish rock chunks.

Go see and enjoy Charles Allen while you are at it.

And find the Virginia Tech Modern while you are there.

I'll tell you my Charles Allen Drive love story another time.


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  1. Do you know anything about the VA Tech Modern? Always been curious...

    1. Jon, I'm pretty sure I've met the owner and his wife a couple of years ago at a Modern Atlanta event, an architect / ex-architect.I think.

  2. Discovered this wonderful house in January while driving through the neighborhood to look at 9th Street houses (some of my favorites). It was dark and I think I scared the homeowners because I took some pictures!!! So sorry... It was a wonderful discovery (hopefully it will be on tour---Modern Atlanta??? someday). Love this blog.

    1. I don't like that one quite as much. It's not on tour this year but another Dencity designed house is on the tour this MA tour this June.

    2. Hi and thanks for your interest in our home. We had to get used to people taking pictures of the house, that is something new for us and our protective dog :)

  3. It's nice to see some good examples of modern architecture from around the world. Very much to my taste with the crisp white render and edgy design, almost looks like the styling would would sit very well at the end of a road as a 'book end' type development.


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