Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's That? The Alvin B Avery Memorial Garden

UPDATE from Flo at the end:

There's SOMETHING over there. I was going from Howell Mill to Inman Park and forgot that Deering is closed. So I reversed course on 17th at Reservoir Drive. and decided to have a look.

Does anyone know of Mr. Avery, how he lost his life? I can't find anything on the web.

Every designer headed for Forsyth Fabrics, every with-it dinner headed to White Provision, every west side commuter has been here. We're on 17th just northwest of Ikea, at the intersection of Northside. The waterworks lakes are ahead and to the right.

Even in the winter it's hard to see. But there's a flagpole in the trees.You'd never see this in leafy season.

As you head west to where 17th T-bones Howell Mill, you catch something to the right. At 30 mph you can't tell what it is but it looks more organized than it should.

It's a memorial garden in this noble setting, a place of honor.

It's easy to park here. It's quiet, as if you are in a secret place. There a lake to the west and a city view to the south and east. You are probably alone.

The fence is locked.

It's so overgrown I couldn't figure out the design.

I'm glad I payed my respects.

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Update: 2013-01-18
... That tiny park is surely a love story. I almost hesitate to question/research it. But "gave his life" sounds like he may have died on the job, in an accident at the waterworks. I shall keep looking, I've alerted my brother who worked as a land planner for many years in ATL.

Here is his grave:

So young.

Determined to find a published obituary, back later when I locate one.

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  1. Who knew? Have you done any research about the man and why the memorial garden is there? Tucked away as it is it has the feel of a personal memorial by co-workers and friends at the waterworks.

  2. I'm not even sure many in the Water Department know after 23 years. Maybe someone will.


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