Saturday, January 5, 2013

Terry's 2012 Epiphany: VanDevender, Eames, Grossman

I didn't want to leave these places: a loft at the Telephone Factory, a studio at ACAC, a home on video. These folks had the eye: Caryn Grossman, Nancy VanDevender, and Charles & Ray Eames

I recorded and finally watched "Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter" on American Masters. Have you seen it? Click the link to watch it online.

We architecture tourists are particularly interested the Eames House. So I rewound and watched that part again, and again, and again. and....and I have many more agains to go. The Eames House part runs from about 28:10 to 34:24 if you're interested.

But it's not the house itself. It how Charles and Ray filled it up. Modern/industrial filled with beautiful things collected and placed by people with the eye.

That reminded me of Nancy VanDevender's amazing studio.

P1120519--2012-09-28-ACAC-Open-Studio-7-Nancy-VanDevender-sign P1120521--2012-09-28-ACAC-Open-Studio-7-Nancy-VanDevender-tablecloth P1120522--2012-09-28-ACAC-Open-Studio-7-Nancy-VanDevender-herself

This is Nancy VanDevender's place at ACAC, part of their Studio Artist Program. See the ACAC Artist Team Picture.

Nancy's an artist, photographer, wallpaper designer, certainly a collector, more too I think. I doubt she can "sing" off key, pleasure in every direction. Even her big cleanup sink, with towels, brushes, soaps and solvents,was a still life. I'd like to photograph every square foot of her studio.

Nancy's Wallpaper wall was overwhelming.

Nancy is one of five artists featured in Recollections January 11 - February 16th at the Atlanta Preservation Center. Free reception on the 11th. See you there?

I had the same sensations at Caryn Grossman's loft at the Telephone Factory Tour in 2009.

Teacups, giant collage, cookbook in French. It was only open once, though I toured in 2010 and 2011 hoping to see it again.

Glass, broken columns, soft furniture and flowers.

Graffiti, old hats, curvy frames, and crystal chandeliers. 

 I didn't want to leave.

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