Sunday, January 27, 2013

Field Guild to the Designers - Cathedral Inspriation House 2013

It's an antique market (Jan 31 - Feb 2), it's a one-day tour of homes (Sunday, January 27), it's an inspiration house (Jan 27, Jan 31, Feb 7, Feb 10), it's a major fundraiser. It's the happy design overload of the Cathedral Antiques Show and Tour of Homes.You should go. Angela at The Painted House has also blogged it. Lori at Lori May Interiors blogged it too. Ally at From the Right Bank blogged it.

Terry's tips for enjoying these things: !. You can't see everything so visit every room, take a little break, then visit every room again. 2. Introduce yourself to the designer, few people can do this, fewer still have the courage to do it in public. 3. Ask the designer about their favorites or interesting things in the room. 4. Look closely at one little part of the room. 5. It's OK to ask "Could I afford that?" 6. It's inspiration, you don't have to live there. 7. Folks hog the designers, you should interrupt politely after little wait. 8. Don't hog the designers.

Here is the plan of the Inspiration House. Here is my amateur Field Guide to the Designers. There are links to the details, professional pictures, and links to their websites. Hope it helps. Corrections welcome. Any more folks on Twitter?

Alley Kim did the porch. I couldn't get her to stop fiddling long enough to take a picture. @FromTheRightBnk P1150657-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer-Ally-Kim
Brooke Merrill did the big foyer with 4 murals by Bethany Travis. P1150664-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer-Brooke-Merrill
Summer Loftin did the library, Ace Ventura territory. P1150661-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer-Summer-Loftin
Elle Cantrell, Yvonne McFadden, Kate Stephens did the parlor as quiet and cozy with huge fireplace. P1150677-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer--Elle-Cantrell--Yvonne-McFadden-center--Kate-Stephens
Wesley Huffard did the dining room with the best fish plates you ever saw, look for them.. P1150682-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer--Wesley-Huffard
Karen Ferguson did the men's room and, as a guy, I approve. P1150665-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer-Karen-Ferguson
Louise Cronan the little foyer in blueish and red-ish, check out the chandelier. P1150704-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer---Louise-Cronan
David Ecton and Lance Jackson did the white red and blue living room. Bold and red! P1150701-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer---David-Ecton--Lance-Jackson
Rick Anthony Bonner did the telephone nook. He's co-chair with Cindra of the Inspiration House and he's got duck. P1150684-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-co-chair-and-designer--Rick-Anthony-Bonner
Jennifer Reine and, Robert White did the boardroom and dressed it in jewelry. P1150687-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer--Jennifer-Reiner--Robert-White
Jenny Rothman and Warner McConaughey with HammerSmith did the kitchen with a major renovation. P1150690-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer---Jenny Rothman--Warner-McConaughey--HammerSmith
Dayka Robinson did the hall and the up stairway and it's not like the others. I challenge you to keep from smiling.
Bryan Kirkland did the upstairs living & dining rooms with pop. P1150673-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer-Bryan-Kirkland
Jonathon Gonzales did the upstairs bed and bathrooms with classic. P1150671-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer-Jonathon-Gonzales
Rogers King, Sarah Price, Duncan Spears  with Eumenean Construction removed the upstairs kitchen. P1150668-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer-Rogers-King--Sarah-Price--Duncan-Spears--Eumenean
Lesia King also worked on the upstairs apartment with eye-popping art. P1150708-2013-01-24-Cathedral-Antiques-Show-Inspiration-House-designer---Lesia-King
Rhonda Peterson did the downstairs hall with angels, birds and trees.
Lori May, Sherry Hart did the stone room with glamor and a sense of humor

William McLure and Bill Ingram did the hearth room, a big renovation from what was a florescent lit office.
Thanks to Cindra Brown, co-chair (with Rick) of the Inspiration House for her courtesy and hospitality.


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