Sunday, August 12, 2012

Teardown 1 of 4 Complete in Briar-Vista

Biltmore Acres is not a prime destination for architecture tourists. Few neighborhoods are.

By and large the Toco Hills / Briar Vista neighborhoods were built out in the 1950's, mostly ranchers on 1/4 acre lots.

Convenience to nearly everything in Atlanta: Emory, Georgia Tech, Buckhead, interstates, transit, downtown, shopping, and all the hospitals make it a terrific value.

But it's not full of 80 year old bungalow charm.

It's a good place for a teardown but not a place for architect designed teardowns.

2011-07-28-Teardown-1255 Biltmore-bird
It had 3 bedrooms 2 baths, about 1300 square feet.



The Devoted Classicist made a point that sticks with me: "The relationship to the finished grade..." I don't think that relationship is very successful here.

It reminded me of something that Holly from Things That Inspire told me. She and Stan Dixon.(D. Stanley Dixon Architect) were cruising Buckhead houses. Stan said that you had to design with the landscape so that the house didn't appear to be falling off the hill. I think that's an issue here. Perhaps the landscaping will make all the difference.


  1. Yikes, I don't know, this is kind of bleak. Could just as easily live in Lawrenceville or Buford (and that's fine, but not exactly 'urban' quality work here)

    1. This neighborhood is arrogantly un-designer. This street in particular is not flattering to houses. Very good place to live though.


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