Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Join me in the piazza Aug 2? What if I throw in Giant Projections?

Carroll Slater Sifly Piazza is how you get from the parking lot elevators to the entrance of Atlanta's High Museum. It has some cool sculptures but it's mostly a place to get through.

In daylight I sense something remarkable about it, work by Mr. Meier and Mr. Piano. But really, there's a whole museum to see and I just paid ten bucks to park. Who has time for the piazza?

What if you could see it at night with 8 giant projections? Well you can this Thursday.

The Water and the Blood at the High Museum of Art - will have it's Second Showing Thursday August 2nd from 9pm until 11:30pm. It's free but I can't help you with parking.

P1100717-2012-07-28-The-Water-and-The Blood-by-Stansell-at-High-Museum
It's quite a sight and it's quite a sound.

I won't promise you'll enjoy it. But I was there for the first performance so I'll give you some hints.
  • It's not the least bit vulgar.
  • It's like home movies set to ambient music.
  • After a while it feels like home movies of your own family.
  • There are 8 screens but you can't see it all.
  • The visuals include the museum and folks who are doing something else.
  • You can ride your bike right up there.
  • They should have a bar but it's not cheap.
  • You don't have to be quiet.
  • You should move around but you can sit, and you can lay on the grass.
  • The curvy steel mesh chairs were made by the devil himself, so grab the other chairs if you can.
P1100726-2012-07-28-The-Water-and-The Blood-by-Stansell-at-High-Museum-reset-lit-walls
When you see this, it's starting over. Stay and see it again. It hit me differently the 2nd time, and the 3rd. It hit me harder after I got home.

P1100719-2012-07-28-The-Water-and-The Blood-by-Stansell-at-High-Museum-swimmer-full
Prepare for a visual feast. I'm sure Mr. Meier and Mr. Piano would be pleased.

P1100715-2012-07-28-The-Water-and-The Blood-by-Stansell-at-High-Museum-Micah-himself
You might find the tall, bearded Micah Stansell himself.

This isn't movie-movie. In the heart of Atlanta's highest culture. I connected with folks in their rural work-a-day world. I felt wistful, nostalgic, sentimental. It's staying in my head. I'm going back.
P1100714-2012-07-28-The-Water-and-The Blood-by-Stansell-at-High-Museum
The Architecture Tourist experienced the piazza in it's most activated state. On Thursday, I'm going to pay more attention.

P1100720-2012-07-28-The-Water-and-The Blood-by-Stansell-at-High-Museum-ladies-waiting
I'm going to study up on Atlanta's piazzas. But that's another blog post.


  1. Well said Terry! Micah's piece is world class and a must for art and architecture lovers! This will make anyone's day or night!

  2. hm, this is a great idea and in fact something truly amazing. It can be done on many buildings, just to amaze people, instead of traditional light.


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