Friday, August 10, 2012

4 Teardowns Done - the befores

So many tear-downs are complete. I'll show y'all the "afters" later.

Number 1: I don't know the age or square footage.  I don't want to know, but nice lot at 0.26 acres. It was probably very likeable in it's day. It's on a street that is not flattering to its houses. Know what I mean?

2011-07-28-Teardown-1255 Biltmore
I won't miss this at all. But the "after" isn't my favorite either.

2011-11-03-1255-Biltmore-Dr-NE-teardown-Before-3 A classic in neglected landscape.

P1010832-2011-11-03-1255-Biltmore-Dr-NE-teardown-WIP The house to the left had already been done.

Number 2:  1948'er with 1,600+ square feet on about 1/4 acre.

It's on a little hill.

In context. The house on the right had already been done.

It's a poptop,

Number 3's replacement is the biggest and fanciest, I think. Acres 0.2066, year built 1947, living area 1,376 square feet.

Let's hope they saved Santa.


House 4 is an infill and must be the smallest new house in in-town Atlanta. Folks carved 0.0872 acre from an exiting lot and made it work, somehow.

This is the lot.

P1030885-2012-01-12--851 Virgil-Street-infill-Inman-Park-Foundation-dig
They chopped and dug.

This is a neighbor. The new infill plays well with this one. Most Atlanta architecture tourists know this charming one-block street.

I'll show the the afters later.

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