Sunday, April 29, 2012

Visualizing Atlanta's "Golden Age" Architects - Any Ideas?

I'm trying to visualize the overlapping careers of "legendary" Atlanta architects. I got the bug during Robert Craig's talk last Thursday. Dr. Craig has just finished his new book, The Architecture of Francis Palmer Smith, Atlanta's Scholar Architect. Turns out that Francis Palmer Smith started Georgia Tech's school of architecture. He taught Philip Shutze and others.

The standard for presenting architecture to the layman is the coffee table book. I want some cool infographics but I'm not cool enough to produce them.

Gotta start somewhere: I used timetoast to graph architects working from the Victorian era through the Great Depression, those listed in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Am I getting somewhere? Any suggestions?

  • See the ribbon on the bottom? You move those bars around to stretch out the graph.
  • Then you can "grab" in a blank space to move it around like a Google Map.
  • Click on a timeline to find a link to more information about the architect.
  •  This is rough, an experiment.


  1. I never realized how late Leila Ross Wilburn lived - when I think of her my mind goes to the 1920s. Any examples of her later designs?

    1. Randall Zaic's presentation discused the course of her plan books. Over time the detail was squeezed out of the plans. That was the way the market was going. Over time buying/building wa possible for more folks down the income scale, while detailing became more and more expensive.


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