Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday Walk: Starfish, Reid, Crook, Scogin, Dixon, Shingles

We walked Brookwood Hills yesterday. It's landlocked, compact, picturesque, green and hilly. It's hemmed in by Peacthree Street, Peachtree Creek, and CSX, so you pass by rather than pass through. Thanks to Betsey, Bill, Clark for showing us around.

This is Brookwood Hill's Neel Reid. James Means worked here too designing the bump out to the left and the garden. The pictures, even mine, don't show it in the context with it's neighbors. It's not a stand-alone mansion. It's on 1/3 acre and harmonizes with it's neighbors.

There are a few houses by Ivey and Crook.

Brookwood Hills has shingles too.

The 1924 starfish house is shingled charm dialed to "11."

Shingles work here too. Not all the houses insist on top billing, this one is quiet, a 1942 infill.

We find shingles on this 1925 slate-roofed beauty.

We want beautiful things to last:

A Stan Dixon designed renovation on this 1925'er, neither its first nor last.

It's not all shingles and bricks.

This is 64 Wakefield by Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects completed in 1998. "Opal ripped through Atlanta . . . a dislocated hurricane . . . leveling trees and wreaking havoc. A 6 foot caliper water oak . . . one of the grand residents of the neighborhood . . . totaled the brick monopoly-block box house from ridge beam to foundations, inciting a major reconsideration of the premises..."

I doubt there was unanimous joy about it but most neighbors seem to have made their peace.


  1. I so enjoy your walking tours and find I agree with your comments. These are such beautiful homes... Would love to get inside them... Thanks for sharing!

  2. One was for sale and we took a tour.

  3. 64 Wakefield is pretty unassuming from the street but those are some dramatic interiors! And you can't help but love the lap pool - "no swimming suit required" indeed!

  4. I was thinking about you when we were driving around Macon this weekend. We got lost (just a little) in this really cool neighborhood full of homes with beautiful architecture in varied styles. Next time you're down there look for Stanislaus Circle.

  5. I love the starfish house! Thanks for sharing!

    1. The starfish house stops people in their tracks and it's a hard act to follow.


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