Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here Tuesday gone Thursday, Teardown on Amsterdam

This was Tuesday, October 25. This was a little house on Amsterdam, an "affordable" for this neighborhood.

There is no way to make this pretty.

It's got that bloodless condemned look.

They'd gotten the hazardous materials out, it's got gravel and the silt fence, the permit box and the signs.

There's no for sale sign. Maybe it's a custom house.

This block of Amsterdam is relatively busy, a cut though from Monroe and Piedmont Park. Quite a few homes have been redone over the years.

There are still many modest ones. They aren't what folks-who-are-able want these days.


Anyway, that was Tuesday.

Today, Wednesday, October 27 is another day.




I'm using my Trello Teardown Tracker to keep up with these.

It will take a while to see the finished product. I could use a little help. If you are interested let me know.


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