Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brickwork with Pinking Shears - Walking Edgewood with Dashboard Co-op and Terrence Jackson

"On October 8th (2011) at 6pm, EIGHT artists will fill FIVE vacant buildings along Edgewood Ave with work specific to each space. This exhibition will encompass a series of individual shows that are each challenging and poignant while simultaneously activating 5 vacant buildings along a street that needs a lifeline." - Dashboard Co-op's Ground Floor.

So the Architecture Tourist Art Patrol did a slow evening walk on Edgewood.

For most of my life here, Edgwood was an interesting area I just wanted to get through safely. It's on the way from downtown to Inman Park. now it's an emerging hip area retaining a bit of rough seediness.

The slow walk in the dark let us "see" a few things for the firs time, like this crinkle cut brickwork in light and shadow.

It's tighter than 90 degrees.

I'd guess this building is 80+ years old. The corner shows some wear and tear.

It's now home to U Space Gallery.

Here is Terrence E. Jackson @uspace, the U Space boss for 8 years.

This is one of Terrence's. I like it.

P1010023-2011-10-08-Dashboard-Co-op-Ground-Floor-ceiling wip-by-Terrence-E-Jackson-U-Space-Gallery
He's giving the ceiling a major "do" but he's not finished.

I may have more tales about Edgewood and Dashboard Co-op's Ground Floor. You should'a been there.

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  1. Great pics -- sorry I missed this. I'm a fan of U Space Gallery and Edgewood Avenue. I love seeing the activity that's been building up here in the last few years.


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